Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doing Well


This will be a quick post- to let you know Axel arrived safely and we are all well. Congrats Lisa on getting knocked up. We'll keep you in our prayers. That's so awesome. Birth went well- planned C-section- but Axel took a huge drink of amneotic fluid on the way out- and got it in his lungs and had to be in the NICU 6 days which was pretty yucky. But the bottom line is he's okay and doing fine, we're all home now. It was stressful though. Not much else to report- just chasing Oskar. In December I started this little business thingy, I paint and I started doing portraits of rich people's dogs. Yes- officially I have become the "wedding singer" or the art world. Anyhow- keeps the babes in comfy organic cloth diapers. I put up a website at (also new email carolyn @ muttbutt. com ) with some of the pooch clients on if you want to see them. BUT I doubt I'll have too much time for painting the next few months- but maybe, never know, they'll actually be a few of my paintings in a show this weekend if you want to some down to Tucson to see them!!

Okay- Baby #2 crying. must go.



At 4:53 PM, Blogger Aimee said...

Carolyn - He's just beautiful - congratulations!! All this baby talk makes me miss the good ol' days of diapers! I'm sure you're super busy now, but enjoy these amazing days!


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