Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Aimee & Kevin!

Aimee, it's mystifying to me that next year you and Kevin will be celebrating your 10-year anniversary-- where does the time go? Congratulations on keeping your marriage happy and healthy-- the both of you (along with your fantastic kids) are such an inspiration to me and Nate. We hope when it's our turn to look back on 9 years together, we will be able to count ourselves as lucky as the two of you.

I hope you're out having a romantic date night, or at least grabbing a bite at Cheeseburger In Paradise (that place was awesome) and enjoying whatever free time you have together. You're great parents and a wonderful couple-- you're the best!

I hope we can visit you again soon-- Andy, you gotta get Brett and AJ together with Emma and Tyler-- they are too much fun... oh, that reminds me! As recently as yesterday, Nate performed his imitation of Tyler "dancing" to "A Whole New World" on the keyboard. This was after his birthday last week, when all Nate would say when I mentioned it was "tractor cake"! I'm telling you, they bonded big time...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long time no post

Greetings all:

Just a quick post to say "Hi" and confirm that I'm still alive. I just returned from San Diego from a meeting and am awaiting our departure for England (for vacation) now. Life in NYC is otherwise going well with my wife and I settling in for a good, long time now. I've joined the faculty at NYU and she is starting residency at Cornell.

Best wishes for a lovely spring!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


To an incredibly supportive, kind, sweet, hilarious, clever, silly, and overall super-awesome friend-- I love you!

Can you believe that this was almost eighteen years ago? Look at the promise on these little angels' faces... nobody would ever suspect them of being "tasteless", would they Aimee? Posted by Picasa

BFFS 4-evah! We're sooo cute here. I wish I still had this shirt... as weird as it was to put the Summerfest logo where they did, it had an illustrated layout of the festival grounds on the back and it was the awesomest shirt EVER! Posted by Picasa

A classic... nobody ever looked quite as stylish in those Chi-Chi's kids' menus as we did... Posted by Picasa