Monday, June 05, 2006

Slings & Arrows is AWESOME!

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Carolyn, when we got DVR for our digital cable I remembered you mentioned you loved "Slings & Arrows" so I set our TV to record all the episodes which were being shown on the Sundance Channel. Nate and I finally started watching them last week, and we are hooked! Unfortunately we have only seen Season 2, but as you can see, Season 1 is going to be coming out on DVD soon! Yay! As people who run a theater company, we found so much of the subject matter really hilarious, but just in itself it's a really entertaining show and really well acted. THANKS FOR THE TIP! (It only took, like, what, a year or something?) We love it!

Speak of the devil anyhoo-- the big news is that Rogue Theater officially has its own home! As of May 1, we officially took over what was previously the Chicago Jewish Theater at 5123 N. Clark Street, in Chicago's kickass Andersonville neighborhood, and have been feverishly slaving away trying to get the place up and running. We are sooo excited and freaked out and proud and scared out of our wits, but it's a huge turning point for Rogue (having our own home sets us apart from the sea of transient storefront theater companies and gives us a discrete identity) and it's what we've been dreaming about even before we started this whole thing. So if you want to send us your headshot or resume, send it to:

Rogue Theater
5123 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640

HOLLA! I miss all of you. I hope we can get back into the habit of semi-regular postings. I know summer creates a whole new schedule for people, especially those of you with young'uns, but I'll try to keep things going as best I can.