Monday, January 17, 2005

It's sort of blockhead but so cute!

Thank you so much for enriching my life with this website! Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Not too Late... celebrate Dress Up Your Cat Day, Lisa!!!


Key quote:
Remove her clothes and give her a hub, say "Thank you!"

Friday, January 07, 2005

This should answer your identity question: Compare it to the 2004 photo of Chad! Posted by Hello

The crew all together. What is Jeremy's last name??? Posted by Hello

Rhonda Young Posted by Hello

Laura Belanger Posted by Hello

Brett Bowers Posted by Hello


I AM CONVINCED YOU HAVE LOCATED CHAD CARLSON!!!! That is totally him. I can see in the eyes and in his smile, it's our man!!! And excellent tracking down on Jodi Malek as well!!! I am so impressed, Andrew!!! I am sooo happy to see a new photo of Chad Carlson!!! Can't you tell from my liberal use of exclamation points!!! A few more names and hometowns I remember:

1) Brett Bowers, Kaukauna (he actually was in a class with Aimee at UW-Madison)
2) Rhonda Young, Mauston (she was another Kumquatian)
3) Laura Belanger (I can't remember her hometown. She was also in Kumquat)
4) Jeremy... ???

I cannot believe I can't remember Jeremy's last name... it was his interest in Aimee and her confiding in me about it which began our lifelong friendship!!! Dammit!!! Aimee, we need you!!!

I don't have my list of SW students-- it's at my parents' house, but I am pretty sure Aimee has her copy. Help, Aimee!!! Science World '88 is depending on you!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Then & Now?!?

Okay, well, I love Google.

I'll start with a probably not. Could this be our SW friend Chad "E for effort" Carlson?
This shows him as having graduated from UW-Madison. That's all I could find to link him... but his left eye is just a tad bit lower than his right in both pictures....

And now a definitely so. I found Jodi Malek:
She's in Milwaukee, and -- honestly -- there's really no mistaking her, is there? Even looking back at the picture in the earlier post (which was taken on the edge of the volleyball pit at Pigeon Lake, BTW), you can see that this is a match.

I wonder if Lisa still has that yellow list of SW campers....

Jodi Malek...

Jodi Malek is that tall drink of water looking at the camera... she was from Cudahy and stayed in Kumquat, Aimee's and my cabin. I can't remember the other girl's name but I think she was in my cabin too.

God, my hair was big. And I LOVED that Pasta sweatshirt... I would still wear it now if my mom hadn't given it away. Sigh. Vive le '80s!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Who's That Lady?

This is the first picture I ever took of Lisa. Note her SW pin. Now (Bonus Question): Who's that in the background?

Silver Medal

Look what I found!