Friday, October 27, 2006

Hilariousest Sibling Fight... EVER

The other night, we were sitting at the table together, eating dinner as a family (I know: What a novel concept, huh?) and a fight broke out.

First some background:
  • Lexie loves Froot Loops, but she can't exactly say it. When she asks for it, it's always "Ploo-Ploop?"
  • Brett still has the 'Timmy two-year-old' phonetic tic where almost all of his 'R's and some of his 'L's sound like 'W's.
There was a fruit fly tzeetzing around the grapes on our plates, sort of grazing around mine and then jetting over to Lexies and then eventually back to the bowl in the middle of the table. Brett asked what it was, and DeeDee and I both said, "A fruit fly" simultaneously.

Much to Lexie's amusement.
LEXIE: Ploo-ply?
ME: Yes, honey, a fruit fly. Can you say "fruit fly"?
LEXIE: [smiles and nods]
A few minutes pass and the fruit fly reappears, basically leading to a very similar conversation between Lexie and either myself or DeeDee.

Ten minutes later, she's still at it.
LEXIE: Ploo-ply?
HER PARENTS: [in the middle of some conversation not at all related to fruit flies] Mmmm-hmmm.
LEXIE: [pointing] Ploo-ply, ploo-ply?
BRETT: [out of nowhere] No, Lexie! [Which, when he's peeved sounds more like "Leckseeyuh"]
LEXIE: [staring at him] ...Ploo-ply?
BRETT: Rrrrhh! No, Lexie(yuh)! It's not a 'ploo-ply.' IT'S A FWOOT FWY!
We laughed for like a year. We're horrible parents, I know.