Sunday, July 23, 2006

Long time, no post.....

Ok, I know it's been a while, so here are my little goofballs hugginge each other and standing tall with the big cats at the zoo. My summer is pretty much getting up in the morning, then deciding which park, pool, zoo, etc. to go to so we can get sweaty & stinky with sunscreen all day long! I can't complain, though, it's lots of fun and I've got a steller tan (even if it does have a sock line - remember all the sock lines at SSI '89, Lisa?). We did Yogi Bear last weekend with my family - highly recommended, as it's camping as it should be: in a cabin with A/C and a washer & dryer.

Tyler is a little chatterbox these days, which is so much fun. He has 2 volumes: OFF & LOUD and wants to tell us EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. He still loves his trucks and construction vehicles and has been in heaven the past 3 weeks, as the road outside our house has been resurfaced. Emma is my consciencious (sp?) sweetheart, who just wants to have fun everyday and do what she should. Her imagination has taken off recently and we've played some pretty great pretend games while Tyler naps.

All is great here in Waunakee and I miss hearing from you all - I promise I'll be better about publishing here! :)

Kitty Sounds Around the World

Here's a website that has the sound kitty's make- in lots of different languages. Meow-mjau!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome Gavin Alexander Kloeckner!

This is the closest I'm gonna get to a newborn for the foreseeable future, but I can't complain. Gavin is a peanut! Posted by Picasa

He's a Kloeckner, all right! Posted by Picasa

Brian and Gavin Posted by Picasa

So I finally have some baby pictures to share, even though they're not mine... my friends Stephanie and Brian had their son, Gavin Alexander, Tuesday at 10:45 am. The little monkey weighed 9.5 lbs... and Stephanie did it all without drugs (Brian, I'm not so sure)... they are so excited-- they just brought him home, and Nate and I were the first people to see him since he came home from the hospital. He looks like his daddy, no? Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Dude Abides

Here's the photos

News about OZ

Hello Friends-

Oskar is ON THE RUN these days and I don't have a heck of a lot of time to seek out obscure and bizarre website to share with y'all. BUT I can probably share few. Here's a few pics of Oskar causing trouble. We taught him sign language and the little guy already knows 137 sign plus- I stopped counting. He's 15 months. In one photo- he's signing "sit" telling the dog to "sit". He's already a comedian- at the dinner table he signs "fart" and laughs hysterically. Also he named his stuffed Panda "Poop Poop". Again laughs hysterically- when you ask him what's his panda's name. "poop poop" tee hee hee, ladies and gentlemen- I'll be here at the Highchair- all week- 5 o'clock! Yes I think he's all little boy.

It's so much fun- very hard- but fun. Especially as now he can sign things like "Teeth, hurt, medicine" or "loud, scared" when a truck went by. I know what's going on in that little head- a little. Also Scary- as he listens to EVERYTHING we say- and signs word we are talking about. Like we were talking making sure a gladware container was sealed- checking the seal- after dinner- and he signed "seal" the animal. I looked at him- and realized he is not only listening but understanding- so we have to be so careful what we do and say. Of course you should anyhow- but it sunk it at that moment.

Anyhow- I highly recommend teaching kids sign language- my husband was skeptical at the beginning- but he's totally converted to the idea now.

I hope everyone is well- I'll add some weird links in a separate post.
Love Carolyn